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Making the working world a better place, one presentation at a time

Posted by - Richard Edwards, Founder, Category: Presentation Skills Training

The PowerPoint presentation. Three words which unfortunately in the modern workplace have come to evoke feelings of dread or drudgery. Asked for routinely, delivered routinely (or nervously, apologetically, unpreparedly… take your pick).

The sheer volume of presentations (some estimates suggest 35m are delivered every day worldwide), the bad practices that have crept in, and the poor experiences of being on the receiving end of so-called death by PowerPoint, all play a part in what many participants in our training tell us. Namely, that presentations are approached as something to survive, rather than an opportunity to thrive.

"It's time to change perceptions of presentations in the workplace"

At the 100th Monkey, one delegate at a time, one presentation at a time, we hope to make the working world a better place, where communications are more effective, engaging, captivating.

Our mission, as trainers, is to revitalise the power of spoken communication. And to recognise its ability – when done well – to achieve so much more than written communications alone:

  • to attach more meaning and tone to what you say
  • to connect with audiences with heart and mind (emotionally and rationally)
  • to enhance your professional credibility in the eyes of your audience

And where do PowerPoint decks come in? Well, we disagree with those who say they should be scrapped. Done well they are a fantastic complement to your presentation – when the words you are verbalising are also powerfully visualised on screen. But so many people use them badly, with the words coming out of their mouth effectively competing against the words put up on the screen.

The number one tip we can give you in the planning stage is to hold off opening your PowerPoint until you are absolutely clear on what you are trying to say, the flow of your content, and the messages you want to deliver. Over many years we have designed and refined a planning template tool which enables you to get your thinking clear and clean, before moving into how to visual aids.

So if your team, or indeed your organisation is stuck in the world of presentation dread and drudgery, contact us to find out how to bring engagement (dare we say even, joy) into your communications.

“Our mission, at the 100th Monkey, is to revitalise the power of spoken communication.
Richard Edwards, Founder 100th Monkey

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