Personal Effectiveness

Soft skills training, with a hard business and personal impact. Tailored for all comers and all mindsets, on any stage.

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Team effectiveness

Supporting leaders to enhance performance, clarity and trust within their teams, enable faster decisions, and deliver greater business impact.

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Leadership Consulting

Supporting leaders as thought partners to develop their strategy, communication partners in refining how to articulate that strategy, and planning partners in operationalising the plan with their team

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About Us

Prolific. Proven. A team in their prime… come and meet our troop

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Companies all over the world use the 100th Monkey to enhance teams, empower individuals, and have greater business impact.

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Use your key learnings as soon as you can, to help forge new habits. Access 100th Monkey materials here to help refresh your memory.

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    Team away days and offsites

    Creating space to improve team impact and effectiveness


    Problem: >> Your team is buried in the day-to-day delivery of immediate priorities with little headspace to see the bigger picture >> You’d like to take a deliberate pause; create space for your team to feel nurtured and heard, and reflect on direction, ways of working and team behaviours >> Setting the bar higher; to move your team from good to great


    Visionary Solutions:

    • We will use a structured approach to build a comprehensive picture of what you want to achieve and from there put forward a bespoke recommendation to deliver a single off-site meeting or meeting series
    • We’ll draw on our extensive experience to craft an agenda incorporating a range of engaging exercises and experiences designed to ensure the meeting outputs deliver against your needs
    • Following the meeting we’ll deliver a comprehensive meeting report to help you keep momentum - synthesising ideas and action plans - supporting you to drive agreed action

    Five transformative results

    Why 100th Monkey Why 100th Monkey
    • 1. A high quality of conversations between team members to facilitate collective development
    • 2. A clear plan of action. e.g. a roadmap of the year with agreed roles & responsibilities, or a map of team competencies & capabilities and a plan to address gaps, or a prioritised list of team behaviours, or an agreed approach to tackle a specific future challenge
    • 3. Your team motivated and engaged, united behind a clear vision with agreed accountabilities and ways of working
    • 4. Your team firmly on the front foot, united and poised to tackle the demands of their roles proactively
    • 5. Ultimately, we are seeking more efficient, productive and happy teams with higher retention over the long term

    Why 100th Monkey

    • Through our work with numerous organisations, we’ve seen time and again the importance of creating deliberate space to keep teams on track, pulling in the same direction and optimising ways of working
    • We have at our fingertips a vast toolbox of exercises, tools and techniques, enabling us to build a creative programme, bespoke to your needs
    • We have a network of expert facilitators who are skilled at extracting the best from everyone in the room. A weight of insight is applied with a lightness of touch, impartiality and a willingness to challenge to ensure your goals are met

    A model for high performing teams

    We believe effective teams are built upon these four pillars

    • PERSON1

    “I credit the presentation skills training for everything from success at my Consultant interview to winning best presentation at a major congress

    Keith Wu Dr Keith Wu, Consultant, York Teaching Hospital

    “This felt like an Apple launch … a real showcase of Ovo Energy at the top of their game … placing them at the forefront of the energy revolution

    OVO Launch Media cutting from a global launch event where all speakers were supported by 100th Monkey

    “The quality of work and the support you provide us is invaluable. You have really helped catalyse the team, develop skill sets and harnessed the collective power of the team. It’s really nice working with a small organisation that is flexible, on demand and has a personal approach with a deep understanding of the client.

    Senior Leader Nasdaq 100 Company

    The details

    • Two days, full day or half days
    • F2F or virtual
    • Created bespoke for your team
    • Typically 2-3 facilitators onsite

    Joanna Edwards

    Co-Founder & Director

    As founding partner and leader of the 100th Monkey’s thriving team effectiveness troop, Joanna is highly sought-after by emerging leaders, established leaders and industry-leading teams. She has developed a four-pillar model for high performing teams, and designed and delivered hundreds of programmes, offsites and workshops to help leaders sharpen and articulate their thinking, and teams to be more productive, satisfied and happy.

    Joanna has honed her skills through 20+ years’ experience as a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach.

    Starting out in corporate communications for Biotech company, Acambis, Joanna went on the become an award-winning communications consultant, working in various agencies and supporting clients ranging from GSK, Sanofi, Eli Lilly and Novartis to Weetabix, Jaguar Landrover and the Department of Health.

    As part of The 100th Monkey team, Joanna has led training and team development programmes across multiple sectors, including UK Government departments, leading pharmaceutical organisations, counter terrorism teams and innovators in the worlds of aerospace and energy.

    Her greatest skills are as a strategic thinker, visual storyteller and facilitator.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    Daughter to an Irishman and a Brummie, wife to the king of optimism and mother to three amazing kids – I love film, Bristol, fun, family, friends and of course, The 100th Monkey

    What's your role?

    Co-founder, chief puzzle solver and strategist, working closely with leaders to help them sharpen and articulate their thinking, and teams to help them be more productive, satisfied and happy

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    I spend lots of my time talking! To clients - to help really understand what they are wanting to achieve through our support, sharing ideas and designs for programmes and sessions, and reviewing the impact our work is having. Also to our team - collaborating, co-ordinating and coaching. Amongst all the talking, I like to carve out space and time to think deeply about the briefs we are working on – I pride myself on our work being insightful, creative and beyond expectation – this requires focused brainpower.

    Greatest strength?

    To be able to see the big picture and how everything pieces together quickly, and enable others to see it too through simplification, visualisation and speaking their language

    Biggest weakness?

    My ‘go hard or go home’ approach to nights out

    Favourite part of the job?

    Supporting people to shine – helping them to achieve their aspirations and be proud of how they do it

    Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself

    1. I moved to Brazil to dance the Samba in the Rio Carnival 2. I met my husband on a week-long, no food retreat 3. As a child, I competed nationally as a synchronised swimmer



    Senior Project Planner & Manager

    Dan is a first-class scientist turned highly-reviewed business strategist and facilitator. Joining the Monkey team fresh faced from university, Dan has been earning his stripes ever since, giving his all to his work. You might partner with Dan on either side of the Personal and Team Effectiveness sides of the business, but one thing will remain the same; his dedication to the highest quality of work for his clients.

    Dan’s LinkedIn profile

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    A proud Bristolian who spends most of his time eating food in the home city he loves. Occasional rugby player/paddleboard enthusiast

    What's your role?

    Senior Project Planner & Manager on the Team Effectiveness side of the business. Don’t let my baby face fool you; I am in fact one of the longer-standing members of the team

    Greatest strength

    My determination to find creative solutions to complex problems

    Biggest weakness

    Inability to function without caffeine

    I can't put down...

    Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by the Arctic Monkeys

    Two truths, one lie

    1. I made the front page by nearly being born in the frozen food aisle of our local supermarket 2. A family holiday to America was cut short due to an engine explosion, causing our plane to take evasive action over the North Sea 3. During my short stint in catering, I spilled a glass of red wine on Ed Sheeran

    One of my biggest influences is...

    My mum; both as my best friend and life coach



    Senior Consultant

    Laura grew up in healthcare communications, spending 15 years working in senior and strategic consulting, corporate communications, brand and patient awareness campaigns. She was a member of the leadership team at the same London agency where many members of The 100th Monkey team first met.

    Taking what she calls a ‘break’ to dedicate time for her kids and pursue social care interests, she applied her leadership skills to the school PTA and volunteering and was busier than ever.

    Returning to agency life has actually been a bit of a holiday by comparison – no wonder she relishes ‘being onsite’.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    Busy London mum with two children, avid concert-goer, Chair of the PTA and volunteer at Homestart

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    Working collaboratively with our lovely team to create meaningful programmes that help our clients to work well together and meet their goals. Anything from structuring agendas and creating content for meetings, to creating team charters that better define how teams work together on a daily basis

    Greatest strength

    I'm a people person – I love getting to know all our clients, and especially being with them face-to-face for meetings and events

    Biggest weakness

    Staying up late to binge watch good TV

    Two truths and a lie

    1. I was born on the same day as Kate Hudson. 2. I am a grade 5 violinist. 3. I once spent the evening drinking vodka redbulls with Zowie Bowie

    Proudest moment of the last year?

    Returning to paid work after being a stay at home mum for a while - and (I think) doing quite a good job at it

    Last gig?

    Bombay Bicycle Club in Crystal Palace Park. Incredible!


    Clare Roberts

    Project Planner & Manager

    Clare brings a blend of account management, project management, training, communications, and writing skills to The 100th Monkey troop. With her positive, proactive approach, she thrives on transforming ideas into tangible results that are expertly managed and executed.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    An outdoor-loving seaside dweller with an optimistic outlook on life. I’m a former English teacher and a fan of literature, writing and open-air theatre. A recent love is gardening, at which I’m ‘helped’ by my two daughters. To (almost) quote Shakespeare: ‘though they be but little, they are fierce!’

    What's your role?

    Project Planner and Manager on the Team Effectiveness side of the business.

    What do you actually spend your day doing?

    Action planning, writing, plus lots of coordination across our team and clients to bring our projects and events together. Every day is different!

    Greatest strengths?

    Positive communication and liaison: I love working with others to achieve a common goal. I pay close attention and think about every detail, right down to who is bringing the pens!

    Favourite part of the job?

    The fact I can draw on the skills I’ve gained in my career to date and use them towards a new role.

    Favourite ice breaker?

    Depending on the crowd…. ‘Find someone who…’, childhood ambitions (mine was to be a fashion designer!)

    Favourite TedTalk?

    Matthew Winkler: What Makes a Hero? – technically a mini lesson, but don’t let that put you off! It’s all about how classic stories all essentially follow the same trajectory and are variations on a theme. I still find this totally fascinating and it applies to so many contexts: books, films, and of course talks and meetings too. A great story is a great story, wherever you are.

    Last gig I attended?

    Blur at Eastbourne Winter Gardens


    Richard EDWARDS

    Founder & Managing Director

    At the helm of a thriving business, Richard has the privilege of leading a troop of trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants who have helped thousands of individuals and teams to be have greater impact, confidence and clarity in their work.

    The 100th Monkey’s story began in 2012, when Richard retrained as a facilitator and coach, after a prolific career as a news reporter at the Daily Telegraph and London Evening Standard.

    He designed a series of communication skills workshops and programmes, which pioneer a data-led approach to learning (putting science behind the art of communication), and draw on Richard’s experience of 20 years in journalism, complemented with principles of performance, neuroscience and psychology, to create a practical package of tools to enhance individuals’ clarity and confidence.

    The training receives industry-leading feedback. On average 9/10 delegates rate the 100th Monkey’s flagship courses in presentation skills and media training as 5*, with frequent and humbling praise describing it as “life-changing” and “career highlight” training.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    Son of incredible musicians and teachers, husband to an extraordinary wife, father of wonderful children, orchestrator of a brilliant band at the top of their game. And affectionate user of adjectives

    Greatest strength?

    Optimism - "proceed as if success is inevitable"

    Biggest weakness?

    Over optimism, particularly when it comes to the number of hours in the day

    Coffee order

    Nespresso tells me I am one of its 'ambassadors', which I took to mean I'm like George Clooney. But it turns out it's just a way to label my addiction

    Favourite part of the job?

    Instilling confidence in others

    Tell us two truth's and a lie about yourself

    1. My dad played with the Beatles on the Sgt Peppers album 2. We named our son Elvis. 3. I met Queen Elizabeth II and invited her to our wedding (she didn't come)

    Proudest moment

    100th Monkey was my first foray outside of journalism and started only with the ambition of keeping three babies in nappies. I'm proud to say it's surpassed all expectations. There was a moment recently at a team social when I looked around the table at 10-or-so of us, and felt an incredible pinch of pride at what together we've built


    Ann HUGHES


    Ann has worked for 20 years advising big pharma on their corporate and brand messaging as well as delivering global launch campaigns.  Now she is using that expertise on a more personal level, coaching individuals and teams to be more effective in their communications.  Delivering training that calls on her consulting background and combines with her interest in psychology and theatre, she’s never been more passionate about her work.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    An American ex-pat in Dorset, a twin mum, avid reader, yogi and occasional quiz master/stand-up comedian (at PTA events..)

    What's your role?

    I’m a Director on the Personal Effectiveness side of the business, which means I deliver training and help add training talent to our network. And since I love making connections and solving problems, I’m always meeting new people to see if our training is a good solution to some of the challenges they face.

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    Some days I’ll be entirely dedicated to training, other days I’ll be upskilling new trainers or meeting with potential clients to understand the skills gaps their trying to solve. Or I’ll be drafted into the Team Effectiveness side of things to help design and facilitate client meetings.

    Greatest strength?

    Helping people see the best in themselves.

    Recent work highlight?

    Watching one of our Personal Effectiveness delegates in action – standing up at a big meeting in front of 100+ people to present naturally and eloquently, and also asking articulate, challenging questions. Both feats that I know personally terrify her, or at least they did before our training!

    One of my biggest influences is…

    My mom. And Woody Allen movies.


    Harriet Longden

    Senior Consultant

    Harriet brings over 20 years of healthcare communications expertise to her role with 100th Monkey, and has dabbled in every disease area you could name.  She loves identifying nuggets of insight to unlock a strategic challenge, and always uncovers that special something to win a pitch or sprinkle magic on a client brief.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    An aspiring chef, seasoned meditator, Pilates junkie, coffee fanatic, newly-wed and mum

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    Thinking up creative ways that teams can come together to enrich outcomes – whether through a keynote speaker painting an inspiring picture of future possibilities or designing team games to define a long-term vision and strategy

    Greatest strength

    Finding order in chaos

    Biggest weakness

    Custard donuts

    Favourite part of the job?

    Working with the superstars on the team, some of the brightest minds in the industry

    Favourite Ted Talk?

    Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight

    Podcast I can't put down...

    The Rest is History - it distils the entirety of human history into 50-minute chunks

    Last gig?

    29 Fingers at a pub in London (my second favourite party band of all time)

    One of my biggest influences

    My yoga teacher and friend, Angus Ford-Robertson


    Alita Buttress

    Director & Head of Media Training

    Alita is a former BBC News editor and self-proclaimed ‘news junkie’ with 17 years’ experience across national broadcast, print and digital. She has since transitioned into Executive Leadership coaching, preparing CEOs and senior leaders for high-stakes conversations. As an experienced trainer, Alita specialises in supporting businesses with their most challenging internal and external communication moments.  Alita brings her abundance of energy to The 100th Monkey team, super-charging any training session with her supportive feedback and fascinating anecdotes of lessons learned in busy newsrooms.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    A Midlands native who has lived in London for 20 years. I’m a mum and a former journalist and TV editor who is still a complete news junkie. In my spare time you’ll find me with my nose in a book or planning holidays

    What's your role?

    I’m a director on the Personal Effectiveness side of the business and lead our media training work which involves planning and delivering sessions for our clients

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    Some days I’ll be planning for upcoming training, reading in on client issues and having briefing calls to discuss future work or new business. Other days I’ll be delivering training either face-to-face or virtually. In between, I spend time planning with our brilliant team and supporting on projects across the business

    Greatest strength?

    I can survive on very little sleep and always have lots of energy!

    Favourite part of the job?

    Showing people their split screen ‘before and after’ videos during our media training or Personal Effectiveness courses. The progress people make in a short space of time using our toolkits is always so inspiring. It’s the best part of my day!

    Favourite TedTalk?

    Shonda Rimes, 'My year of saying yes to everything'

    One of my biggest influences is…

    The Maya Angelou poem, ‘Still I Rise'


    Richard Penney

    Team Associate

    Richard is the newest member of The 100th Monkey team, having joined in the spring of 2023. Before this, he spent three years doing research at a global health charity, after studying biology and chemistry at university.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    A Herefordshire native and lover of the great outdoors, whether that’s hiking, cycling or skiing; my other interests include singing and pub quizzes.

    What's your role?

    Team Associate, mainly working on the Team Effectiveness side of things.

    What do you actually spend your day doing?

    My days are pretty varied, but in general my time is spent liaising with our clients and ensuring their needs are met, as well as beautifying powerpoints and making spreadsheets (the more complex the better!)

    Greatest strength and weakness?

    I’m pretty unflappable and keep a cool head in high-pressure situations. Weakness: my handwriting is fairly atrocious.

    The series I can't put down is...

    The Last of Us – initially I was sceptical (after all, it is based on a video game), but have been blown away by this outstanding series.

    Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself

    1. I once sang in a concert attended by the King and Queen of Belgium 2. I am distantly related, by marriage, to Diego Maradona 3. I nearly died of malaria at the age of three

    Proudest moment of the last year?

    Back when working for a global health charity, I became a published co-author of five academic papers (on access to medical diagnostics across Africa).

    Last gig I attended?

    Alt-J – twice in one week.

    One of my biggest influences is:

    I’m the youngest of four, and my siblings have always provided me with a blueprint of how to ‘do’ life well.

    What the data says

    Average rating
    Recommend 100th Monkey to facilitate their next event
    Delegates say external facilitators improve the meeting

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