Personal Effectiveness

Soft skills training, with a hard business and personal impact. Tailored for all comers and all mindsets, on any stage.

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Team effectiveness

Supporting leaders to enhance performance, clarity and trust within their teams, enable faster decisions, and deliver greater business impact.

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Leadership Consulting

Supporting leaders as thought partners to develop their strategy, communication partners in refining how to articulate that strategy, and planning partners in operationalising the plan with their team

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About Us

Prolific. Proven. A team in their prime… come and meet our troop

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Companies all over the world use the 100th Monkey to enhance teams, empower individuals, and have greater business impact.

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Use your key learnings as soon as you can, to help forge new habits. Access 100th Monkey materials here to help refresh your memory.

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    Media training

    "I've done a lot of media training in my career, but this was honestly the best I've ever received"

    UK Country Manager, Pharmaceutical Company
    In a nutshell: Our media training will leave you feeling more confident, capable and willing to engage with media opportunities and deliver your messages with impact. Our courses are designed and delivered by former journalists in a supportive environment which is completely tailored to your needs. Includes innovative personalised voice analysis to sharpen your communication skills.

    Tools & Techniques

    Designed and refined using: a combined 45+ years in the journalism world (print, broadcast and digital), our original research into the science of spoken communication, and the experience of supporting spokespeople to deliver thousands of media interviews

    • What makes a good spokesperson?
    • Preparation techniques
    • Vocal tools
    • Body language tools
    • Personalised pace, pitch and sentence length analytics
    • Tackling nerves & interference
    • Question handling techniques
    • On-camera practice and coaching
    • Realistic and challenging mock interviews
    • Conducting virtual interviews
    • Split screen playback and 1:1 feedback
    Being immodest… We believe we are the best reviewed training provider in this space with an average rating of 4.95/5 across thousands of sessions delivered in the past decade

    Who it’s for: Proven results for all comers, all levels, all mindsets – working with all formats of broadcast/digital/print media.

    • C-Suite & leadership
      Experienced spokespeople
      Inexperienced spokespeople
      Comms teams
    • We are experienced at handling a wide variety of mindsets coming into the training
      I fear media will twist what I say
      I don't trust journalists
      I don't understand how the media work
      I never want to talk to the media
      I've done media training before but need a top up
      I've never done this before
      I'm very experienced and need support on a specific topic
      I'd like to sharpen my overall communication skills

    What sets us apart?

    Putting science behind the art of communication

    The course

    • 1:1 or group sessions
    • Full or shorter day sessions (depending upon group size) to fit delegate schedules
    • F2F or virtual
    • Max group size = 4 for one trainer, 8 for two trainers
    • We bring, set up and operate professional camera kit to record and playback mock statements and interviews
    • Short pre survey and post session evaluation measuring increases in confidence, capability and willingness to undertake media work

    Alita Buttress

    Director & Head of Media Training

    Alita is a former BBC News editor and self-proclaimed ‘news junkie’ with 17 years’ experience across national broadcast, print and digital. She has since transitioned into Executive Leadership coaching, preparing CEOs and senior leaders for high-stakes conversations. As an experienced trainer, Alita specialises in supporting businesses with their most challenging internal and external communication moments.  Alita brings her abundance of energy to The 100th Monkey team, super-charging any training session with her supportive feedback and fascinating anecdotes of lessons learned in busy newsrooms.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    A Midlands native who has lived in London for 20 years. I’m a mum and a former journalist and TV editor who is still a complete news junkie. In my spare time you’ll find me with my nose in a book or planning holidays

    What's your role?

    I’m a director on the Personal Effectiveness side of the business and lead our media training work which involves planning and delivering sessions for our clients

    So what do you actually spend your day doing?

    Some days I’ll be planning for upcoming training, reading in on client issues and having briefing calls to discuss future work or new business. Other days I’ll be delivering training either face-to-face or virtually. In between, I spend time planning with our brilliant team and supporting on projects across the business

    Greatest strength?

    I can survive on very little sleep and always have lots of energy!

    Favourite part of the job?

    Showing people their split screen ‘before and after’ videos during our media training or Personal Effectiveness courses. The progress people make in a short space of time using our toolkits is always so inspiring. It’s the best part of my day!

    Favourite TedTalk?

    Shonda Rimes, 'My year of saying yes to everything'

    One of my biggest influences is…

    The Maya Angelou poem, ‘Still I Rise'


    Richard EDWARDS

    Founder & Managing Director

    At the helm of a thriving business, Richard has the privilege of leading a troop of trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants who have helped thousands of individuals and teams to be have greater impact, confidence and clarity in their work.

    The 100th Monkey’s story began in 2012, when Richard retrained as a facilitator and coach, after a prolific career as a news reporter at the Daily Telegraph and London Evening Standard.

    He designed a series of communication skills workshops and programmes, which pioneer a data-led approach to learning (putting science behind the art of communication), and draw on Richard’s experience of 20 years in journalism, complemented with principles of performance, neuroscience and psychology, to create a practical package of tools to enhance individuals’ clarity and confidence.

    The training receives industry-leading feedback. On average 9/10 delegates rate the 100th Monkey’s flagship courses in presentation skills and media training as 5*, with frequent and humbling praise describing it as “life-changing” and “career highlight” training.

    Question & Answer

    Who are you?

    Son of incredible musicians and teachers, husband to an extraordinary wife, father of wonderful children, orchestrator of a brilliant band at the top of their game. And affectionate user of adjectives

    Greatest strength?

    Optimism - "proceed as if success is inevitable"

    Biggest weakness?

    Over optimism, particularly when it comes to the number of hours in the day

    Coffee order

    Nespresso tells me I am one of its 'ambassadors', which I took to mean I'm like George Clooney. But it turns out it's just a way to label my addiction

    Favourite part of the job?

    Instilling confidence in others

    Tell us two truth's and a lie about yourself

    1. My dad played with the Beatles on the Sgt Peppers album 2. We named our son Elvis. 3. I met Queen Elizabeth II and invited her to our wedding (she didn't come)

    Proudest moment

    100th Monkey was my first foray outside of journalism and started only with the ambition of keeping three babies in nappies. I'm proud to say it's surpassed all expectations. There was a moment recently at a team social when I looked around the table at 10-or-so of us, and felt an incredible pinch of pride at what together we've built

    • Case Study

      Enabling early careers professionals at one of the largest marketing companies in the world to have more clarity, confidence and impact with their spoken wo
      Delegates recommend training to others
      Strongly agree learnings can be instantly applied
      243 Delegates
      15 Agencies represented
      35 Virtual & F2F courses
      100% +ve trainer feedback

      Av. Rating = 4.8/5

    • Case Study

      Advanced Impact & Influence skills delivered globally on Zoom for Amgen's High Performing talent cohorts. Regularly cited as one of the HiPO pr
      Highly recommend the training to others
      Agreed sessions were "engaging and highly relevant" for their development
      69 delegates
      20+ nationalities
      6 continents
      95% applied learnings instantly


    • Case Study

      A bespoke media and communications training programme addressing the complex challenges and risks faced by Resilience Forums.
      felt more capable in their ability to talk to the media
      said they had more impact in their communications
      39 delegates
      c.20 emergency agencies represented
      16 half day sessions
      3 part programme

      Av Rating = 4.97/5

    • Case Study

      In 2019 we won a multi-year contract to deliver presentation skills training for civil servants across all UK Government departments
      Reported the course gave them more impact
      Felt more confident after the training
      33 Virtual courses
      28 F2F Courses
      523 Participants
      2.5 Years

      Av. Overall Rating = 4.97/5

    • Case Study

      Since 2020, we have supported 40+ teams within leading FTSE & NASDAQ-listed organisations to be more effective, and drive better results
      Highest one-year rise in team performance using our diagnostic tool
      team development clients come to us by word of mouth
      43 offsites
      94 workshops
      41 teams
      100% bespoke to each team

      Av. Rating (virtual) 4.9/5

    • Case Study

      Coaching 15 heads of department to deliver inspiring Ted Talk style keynotes; from developing their narrative to delivering with impact on the big stage
      5* ratings from leaders
      Rise in staff engagement at Town Halls
      15 Leaders
      35 Group & 1:1 sessions
      100% Felt more confident
      91% Had more impact

      Av Rating = 5/5

    What the data says

    Average F2F rating
    Average Virtual rating
    of delegates felt more confident after training

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